Revelations and shit

Tonight I have returned safely to my college town looking forward to the end of my educational journey here. Along the way, something of interest occurred.  I began at one point to feel a mild headache coming on and instinctively raised my mental shield that I have taken to using to disconnect myself from an emotion or provocative situation and instantly the symptoms vanished. I held the barrier for a few moments and when I dismissed it the feeling failed to return. It dawned on me that what I felt may have been a probing consciousness and so I sought to convey my respects to whatever it was and inform it that I was merely passing through. If there was a response, it was too subtle for me to read. aside from some meditative practice here and there, this was the first practical application of my shield in the open world and I was pleased that it proved efficacious.

I have also made a personal choice of some import. I consider myself something of a real-world Sith Lord, (not that I’m bent on galactic domination, but from a philosophical standpoint), and, as such, I find myself frequently given to my passions. Part of the Code of the Sith states that Through Passion I gain Strength but not when those passions guide us. I have set myself a goal between now and the Solstice I must learn to make my passions work for me not the other way round. Common sense though this practice may be, it is not something I have truly devoted myself to in the past, preferring to curb my instincts sufficiently to prevent causing disturbance, but not to truly master them.

I have not put much stock of late into other people’s perceptions and visions of that Force which some call God, but on occasion such as this, it seems only fitting to offer some measure of thanks for yet another safe journey. My associate, Lady Imbrium, has spoken before of ‘refracted infinity;’ essentially (I think) the idea that the God/Force appears to different cultures behind different faces throughout history. Me being something of a craftsman, I believe in the right tool for the right job, and prefer to thank the right god for the right grace. (I may explain more of this in a further post at a later time) And so I go to pour libations to my chosen patron, Hephaestus, and Zeus, who watches over travelers. Until later then.


Obligatory 411….

Greetings digital universe. For those of you who don’t know me, (which is probably almost everyone), my name is Nikolas Fletcher, and I have taken it upon myself to infect the internet with my random thoughts and observations. I invite any and all constructive feedback, because I believe the world isn’t thinking enough and if you have something to contribute to my brainwaves then “let ‘er rip!” and maybe something worthwhile will come of it. My advice to anyone who would read this blog regularly is thus: Expect nothing, anticipate everything, and be prepared for anything.