The Iceman Cometh

Is it possible for your nose to get kicked in the ass? If so, then it happened to me today. I was meandering around in a hardware store for a few hours hoping to run into an old friend who works there, ( I eventually did, but our conversation got shortstopped and I elected to leave), and upon my departure my sense of smell was immediately assailed.

No, it was not a rank stench, neither was it a particularly pleasing aroma either, but it was  familiar. I have smelled that smell before and it spoke to me. Colder weather is coming.

Now you might be saying “Hey, dumbass, it’s September; of course colder weather is coming!” but the calendar only means so much. I live in an area of the northern hemisphere where it regularly snows on Mother’s Day and then hits 80 later in the week. But the air today was resplendent with the scent with approaching ice and snow; altogether a strange thing since the clouds were low and heavy with rain that eventually came in fitful spits.

I cannot describe how that scent and the memories it evokes in me energizes me. I live for the winter: a time of year when the world is blanketed in silence and darkness. There is too much noise and light in the world Humanity could do with slowing down, turning off their noises and lights and listening to the silent darkness for a time.

It’s getting cold early this year too. I firmly believe that there is a trend of warming affecting the global climate, although I reserve my judgement on exactly why its happening, but I am looking forward to a cold, protracted winter this year. And so I challenge the Force: bring it on!


2 comments on “The Iceman Cometh

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Do not tempt the gods. It is unwise. Oddly enough, even though the feeling in my bones says that it’s time to harvest and store and clean and make ready for a rough winter, the geese have yet to arrive. They were here by this time last year. I’m confused.

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