The Three Edged Sword

I was asked by my Yoga instructor to reflect on a revelation I had this semester. This one hit me the other day walking to the dining hall:

It has been said that not all revelations are peaceful, and I believe I can offer sufficient proof of that. It does not follow, however, that said revelation need be painful for the one receiving it, but it is, in fact, often other persons who suffer some pain from one man’s epiphany.

“Epiphany.” The word itself evokes powerful images of the prophets of old, especially among those of us brought up in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Thinking on the word, I see Moses on the mountain, Mohammad in his cave, and Christ on his cross. Now, you students and descendants of history, think on the bloody masses that have been and continue to be cut down throughout the entirety of documented history in the name of prophets such as these. And think on the messages these men extolled: not of violence but of peace and truth.

The critical problem, of course, came when later generations got a hold of these revelations and their associated messages. Even those religious traditions generally hailed as being far more peaceful in nature, such as Buddhism. Not that I’m accusing Buddhists of perpetrating Holy Wars, far from it. But in clinging to their own revelations, they have been on the receiving end of their own suffering and so have brought more pain into this world.

And I provide you with this foreknowledge, which is, in fact, the train of thought that followed my particular realization that revelations, at least those of a religious nature, are inherently dangerous and ought never to be made public. I have for some time believed that any person’s path to God (be It Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, the Force, Chthulhu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) is entirely an individual matter and that organized churches have a tendency to become more bogged down in the minutia of dogma than communion with the group or the Divine, but never before have I found the true source of the pain and suffering that have come from the centuries of so-called “Holy Wars” that have ravaged this world: the publicizing of revelation.

For, as they say, one man’s truth is another man’s treason and any high-school English student can provide you with multiple interpretations of almost any book ever written, scripture included. The only unambiguous faith is the one you hold silently in your soul. The universe was not created with contemporary English words, and you will never understand it with them, much less be able to explain it to anyone else, so keep your religions and revelations to yourselves, and I will keep God to myself.

There you go, Internet. Yet another of my opinions regarding the ordering of the cosmos. Do with it as you will.


2 comments on “The Three Edged Sword

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Suddenly, le wild post appears…

    I would almost argue the opposite. It’s only by exchanging ideas that we begin to grasp the nature of something so much larger than any one of our minds could grasp. You know the story of the blind men and the elephant, I suspect. I think it’s kind of like that.

    The revelation is not the problem- human arrogance is. We forget that we’re supposed to be working together to figure something much larger than we are out, and instead we begin to think that we each have all the answers we need.

    What say ye?

    • I think you got part of it. The involvement of people, an inherently stupid and divided species, is where problems occur in matters of the divine. Simple and profound truths are the instigators of revelations, but they often fall prey to persons with worldly motivations who attempt to manipulate the text of the revelation to suit their own purposes. I also persist in my belief that true communion with the Divine is primarily an individual matter: faith must be discovered, it cannot be dictated, for then it is faith in a religion, not a faith in the Divine…or so I have come to believe.

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