Magnetic Personality

I like to think of myself as a well-rounded person with varied interests and a general acceptance of the eccentricity of others. That being said, there are some things I simply have gut reactions to and very little can change my mind about them. One such group of things, is the colors in the world around me.

Many psychologists, or random people who took psychology in high school, have inundated the media and online data storage facilities with copies of their opinions regarding color theory. If the statistics class I took in high school taught me as much as your psychology class, then I know for a fact that your conclusions are fallible at best and outliers exist, whether you admit to them or not. and since I also took psychology in high school, I’m gonna be a statistic, specifically, and outlier. So here, have fun with my  color theory, Internet.

Red- Appears in several places in my life, mostly food-related, (raw meat, strawberries, NOT tomatoes, etc.) Red is also the color of blood, a substance whose taste I occasionally find enjoyable, and of roses; a symbol associated with a multitude of emotions. Red, in the right context, is an emotional catalyst and awakens powerful inner drives.

Orange-The color of a good bonfire. When seen out of that context tends it to imply danger, such as road construction or a drunken redneck with a shotgun. An eye-catcher, it shows up rarely in my life. Once, though, it was very important: I was asked to shield a cleansing and Fire, glowing decidedly orange, made itself available to me.

Yellow-I’m a lemon guy, that is; I eat lemons…a lot. In that context I’m somewhat fond of yellow, but it’s a horrible color for a car, so I guess you could say I have mixed feelings about it. Yellow is generally also associated with the sun, for more on that see White below.

Green-Bright greens carry a duality in my life, they can either be toxins, or bits of  tape marking out spaces on a stage floor. Generic greens are the grass beneath my feet and are a comforting background to almost any scene. Dark greens remind me of riverbank moss and the cool shade under the old Oak in my front yard. So green is a color I have to take on a case-by-case basis.

Blue-Another case-by-case color. All my life I have been surrounded by blue: light, mid-tone and dark blues in the walls and furnishings of my home, the navy blue pants I wore for eight years of Catholic School, (though I try not to resent the color itself for those years), the Ocean which so often fills me with a longing profound enough to break my heart, the Sky which is usually only blue on hot summer days when I’m stuck working outside, the lights on a police cruiser or an ambulance telling me someone is in trouble, the broken-in old denim jacket I’ve worn through so many (mis)adventures. Blue is everywhere in my life and strikes many cords from rage to contentment to deep sorrow.

Purple- Has recently acquired a happy connotation for me when it was a prominent color in my cousin’s wedding. It’s also the color of a lit-up black light, and black light parties are a personal guilty pleasure. I had always thought of purple as a resplendent color, reserved for royalty and official occasions, but was pleased to discover that this seemingly stuffy color has a wild side.

White-a color I generally don’t like. If you look at the Sun, it tends to be white and  I am not generally comfortable in direct sunlight. White is also a color that has been co-opted to stand for purity and I tend to associate it with presumption and arrogance. Yet it is also the color of snow which, while sometimes inconvenient or hazardous, never fails to bring a bittersweet memory of youthful delight. White is also the color of the Polar Bear, a spirit who answered my call when others needed me to be strong for them.

Gray-an often overlooked color that I couldn’t live without. A proper, mid-tone gray is the happy medium between black and white, the ultimate expression of a balanced universe. But gray comes in many shades, most of which I saw very recently when I all but literally stumbled into a moonlit, midnight snowfall. I stood for what felt like forever confronted by a world with no color, no disparity, just shades of gray blending into one another, and it was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Gray is the primary color of the Coyote who occasionally has fun at my expense, but never beyond my capacity to endure. Finally, Gray is the color of heavy clouds which can bring life-giving rain as well as devastating storms and generally energize the world around me.

Black-is a powerful force in my life. It is the secret spaces where things of untold value lie hidden. It is the backstage space where I do my best work, and the clothes I wear when I’m there. My dog, the only companion in my life whose loyalty has never wavered, is black. Black is Crow, the first spirit to ever touch my mind, and black is the Night, in which I feel a greater sense of belonging and where I find the Other-worldly comes closer to me.

Silver-joins black on my class ring and most of the relatively little jewelry I ever wear. It is associated with the Moon, for whom I have always felt a kind of friendship.

Gold-the color of splendor, it seldom looks good on me as ornamentation, but I still find the odd use for it. In particular, I have a golden necklace given to me in my youth by a friend and spiritual mentor, and though I no longer actively follow that faith, the charm reminds me of my roots. You might say gold is the color of antiquity and of endurance, coupled with nobility it is a rightful color for godhood.

Pink-I have a deep, violent, visceral hatred for most shades of the color pink. Wal-mart store Valentine’s displays have actually given me small seizures. The one and only time I found pink attractive was when my girlfriend dyed her hair hot pink, though I think that was her  more than the hair color. We’re not dating anymore and she changed her hair again, but it was a decent look while it lasted. sadly, those few fond memories have failed to redeem any other shades of pink in my mind.

Brown-yet another color my life would be incomplete without. Brown is even more pervasive in my life than blue, being a color in and on my house, the dirt around it, even the pants I generally wear. Brown is the tree I grew up playing in and the boards I now build sets out of. Brown is a delicious piece of chocolate or a stiff glass of whisky. when I work with a personal shield, it comes most easily as a suit of armor made of a strange golden-brown metal. It is heavy and feels very old, but it is solid, and I know I am safe inside it. I used this metal with the Fire in the shielding I mentioned above. Brown is home, and Brown is strength.

So it is written: Color Theory According to the Arctic Gnome. Some of these colors I am attracted to and others I find repulsive. There are also a few that can be magnetized one way or another depending on the circumstances but, generally speaking, it takes an event of personal emotional significance to change that polarity.

Now, as I make no pretense whatsoever at being an expert on the psychological effects of pigmentation, I wish to reiterate that these observations are solely my opinions and based entirely on my own experiences. I welcome comments.


2 comments on “Magnetic Personality

  1. mitchreviews says:

    i really liked this. it made me think of where colors appear in my life.

  2. ladyimbrium says:

    I see we have at least a few associations in common, brother mine. I particularly like the idea that purple has a wild side. Made me laugh, but then I had already discovered that. I tend to agree with most of the generalizations about color association I read in all those “WooWoo 101” books but there are some quirks that just don’t match.

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