Sportscasting: A Brief Rant

In the house in which I currently reside there is a man who spends the majority of his free time with his eyes glued to a television watching badly dressed retired athletes talk about sports.

I find it most irritating.

I generally don’t complain about other people’s viewing habits, especially since I watch the Syfy channel almost exclusively and I know better than to even think about taking any of those programs seriously. But, in a way, I find it is better that way, since I know better than to assume the characters I see to be anything other than what they are: people pretending for money. No one lends much credence to science fiction shows, and the most emphatic conversation I’ve ever seen one spark was between two fanboys arguing over who was the best captain of the Enterprise. everyone involved knows that it’s just entertainment and that nothing said before or after the broadcast will alter in the least what 100 million people will see at 8/7 central next Thursday.

Sportscasting, on the other hand, is a load of pretentious bullshit. This is not news. It’s not even very exciting: just a bunch of has-beens who should have planned for retirement better mouthing off just to hear their own opinions. Frankly, as someone who once played organized sports, I find the very idea that people can make money rambling off meaningless conjecture and self-aggrandizing opinions to be an insult to the players who work their asses off regardless of haw many stuffed shirts are convinced that their team has no chance.

Rant accomplished. Now, on to more important things.


One comment on “Sportscasting: A Brief Rant

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    Add to list: Made Imbrium Giggle.

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