A Fruit Punch Doughnut?

…And other oddities.

So it has been brought to my attention recently that I, and most of the “civilized” world, eat what only barely qualifies as food. Processed, flavored gunk full of unnecessary amounts of sodium, nitrates, and a myriad of other nefarious chemicals tends to make up most of what is available in grocery stores, at any kind of a reasonable price, that is.

As I sit here slurping down a bowl of Ramen noodles, I find it hard to truly complain about this state of affairs. I enjoy natural food when I can get or afford it. I also do plenty of work that I feel compensates for the pseudo-food.

What brought upon this pondering, was an incident with a jelly donut. A gift of a delicious treat from a friend, I found myself unable to figure out exactly what it was supposed to taste like. The jelly filling was red; it could have been strawberry, cherry, raspberry or a number of other flavors. It didn’t taste like any one specific flavor, but had elements of all of them. I could only conclude that it must have been a fruit punch donut; not meant to be any one flavor but some bizarre amalgamation of many flavors.

Having thus encountered foodstuffs so far removed from their original sources that they can no longer be accurately identified, I must wonder not only what we do to ourselves by ingesting this gunk, but also how and why we have come to this point. It’s not as if someone woke up one day and decided to run perfectly edible food through slurry of carcinogens and sell it for half price…I hope. Can anyone answer me that: How did we go from “I killed it/plucked it off a tree and ate it” to “mechanically-separated homogenized processed food products?” Personally, I blame Spiro Agnew and the rest of the Nixon administration for subsidizing the production of corn and then having to find something to do with all the grain laying around, but I doubt it was that simple.

Anyhow, just thought I’d share one of life’s little mystery meals with you…Just in case you needed some food for thought.


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