A Minor Revelation

I found myself lost in thought this evening and stumbled into a small connection between my Self and the Divine.
I don’t recall if I’ve alluded to this before, but I work as a laborer and occasionally ply my hand at crafty things. Thus, I tend to think of Hephaestus as my personal deity, the one to whom I most closely relate. He has not directly expressed His opinions to me, for or against, so I’m just going with it.
Tonight I realized another parallel between us. I have read that Hephaestus was able to obtain the hand of Aphrodite in marriage, but was unable to keep her faithful to Him, possibly due to being physically unattractive. With no small amount of self-pity, I must admit that I, too, am not extraordinarily lucky with women. I have many female friends, but seldom have developed any kind of personal relationship, and all of those crashed and ended.
I believe that in all things there is balance, and the most basic balance I know of is positive and negative. It would seem that, in seeking such a balance, my chosen Patron has conferred on me His protection and potential for Making as well as His up-and-down romantic life.
All things considered, it’s not the worst thing He could have done to me, and it may be that I must endure alongside Him the burden of knowing that, no matter how good my craft becomes, the greatest beauty of all shall be mine in name only.
Hephaestus! Master Maker! This mortal’s son stands at your side to offer solace. Even a god need not stand alone.


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