Dragon Slaying

Foreword: Purpose

As I am sure many of you can relate, I occasionally experience dreams that tell stories. These stories can be frightful, arousing, inspiring, confusing or a myriad of other emotions and mixed sensations. One thing is common to most of them: they were powerful enough to stick with me, in part or in whole, in the waking world. Some of the stories retold in wakefulness will be incomplete or vague in detail, both because I cannot always recall them in their totality and because some of the stories go unfinished.

I believe that dreams are oftentimes links to other places or times, even other worlds where alternate versions of our Self may be found. I, of course, have no proof of any of that, but I am not alone in most of those theories. Another theory often given credence is that dreams reflect our subconscious mind’s attempt to process events in our waking lives. Not wishing to color your experience with this dream, I will not relate the context of my life at the time. I shall simply say that it occurred over the course of multiple nights within the past year. Should a dream such as this come to me again in the future, you may expect a Dragon Slaying Part II, but I believe that is unlikely.

With the formalities out of the way, let us proceed to the story. Come, friend. Walk with me in my dreams.

Part I: The First Dragon

Some time ago, a dream came to me. I saw all of these events as though through my own eyes.

I stood within a massive metal structure, the exact size of which was unknown to me. I was there on a mission, sent by another, to kill dragons. I walked through the structure until I came upon the dragons’ lair: it was a pool of some liquid surrounding a raised dais on which sat a power source of some kind, I believe it was electrical. I was there to kill the dragons and to gain access to that power source.

Three dragons came to contest me. They dwelled within the liquid pool. The dragons were roughly a meter in length, predominantly silver-colored. They had no limbs that I can recall, but had a dorsal and ventral fin that ran most of the length of their bodies, ending in a vertical tail. Their heads, in contrast, were not as streamlined. With elongated snouts, two horns sweeping back from the crown of the head, and whiskery tendrils extending from the corners of their mouths. The heads were touched with gold and a deep purple the same shade as a dark stripe down their spines. Within their mouths were serpentine fangs; tapered and curved back and powerfully venomous.

I was unarmed and unarmored in this contest. The first of the dragons attacked me for my intrusion, biting me with its venomous fangs. Once it had latched on to me, I was able to catch hold of it and kill it by breaking its neck. I then left the structure altogether for a place to heal my wounds. This was the conclusion to the first dream.

Part II: The Second Dragon

On another night, I returned to this battle. The surroundings were the same as before, and my mission had gone unchanged: kill the dragons, access the power source.

I returned to the dragons’ lair and found it as I remembered. I could not tell how much time had passed since my last foray. Such a detail seemed unimportant in either event.

Once more, I was to do battle with these water-dwelling dragons with neither weapons nor armor, only my bare hands. The second dragon attacked me, both to prevent me from getting at the source, but also to avenge the death of its fellow. Again, I was wounded initially. I found that this second dragon fought harder, and was harder to kill. I had to strike blows to its head multiple times to kill it. I was ultimately victorious. As had happened previously, I retreated from the battle after laying down my foe and sought refuge elsewhere to heal from the dragon’s venom. This was the conclusion of the second dream.

Part III: The Final Dragon

Sometime later, how long I was not certain, I returned to the metal structure to face the final dragon. Again, with neither weapon nor shield I was sent to the pool.

The third dragon, perhaps enraged by the deaths of its fellows, was by far the hardest to defeat. It struck multiple times, biting with each strike, and wounded me more grievously then either of the others. It moved faster than the others and possessed greater strength. Somehow, I knew that this was their leader. After taking multiple bites, exactly how many I can no longer recall, I was able to capture the creature and strangle it to death.

Finally, seriously wounded and unsure of whether I would survive but ultimately victorious, I retreated for the last time from the dragons’ lair and the structure which housed it to seek healing. This time, however, I had sustained enough damage and had taken so long to defeat my enemy that I did not know if the cure would come in time.

This sequence of dreams ended here: the dragons were slain and the power source for which I had fought and bled was out of their control, though not securely in mine either. I did not know if I would live, or what would eventually become of that which I sought. That sense of uncertainty, as well as tremors from the great and terrible thing I had just done, were what carried the most clearly into the waking world with me after the final dream. I and others have speculated on the possible significance of this dream and its imagery. I welcome your thoughts.


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