Part I: A Possible Prologue

Not all dream stories come in complete “episodes.” While thinking of a dream that has revisited me recently, I recall now a fragment of a dream from years previous that may be in some way related.

It is hot outside and the sun is blazing brightly overhead. There is an unnatural quality to both the light and the air, as though some calamitous event has damaged the fabric of the world. I am standing in a grassy field slowly being trampled by the number of people being assembled; assembled to fight for our freedom. A powerful faction, bent on domination over us, is coming our way and we are preparing for war. The future looks grim. The likelihood of victory is scant. We are given orders by our commanders and we march off toward the confrontation. The fragment ends.

Such a dream could have been the beginning to any number of stories, but I think it may have something to do with a multi-night dream story that returned to me only last night.

Part II: The Story So Far

The war fought after the conclusion of the fragment above has long ago ended. A superficially benign, all-powerful government now controls the state in which I live. Officially, I am merely an ordinary citizen going about a productive but ordinary existence. I cause no trouble, and no trouble comes to me. Unofficially, I am a member of a resistance seeking to overturn the ruling regime.

To that end, I and others, including my wife, lead forays into government-controlled buildings and secret bases to gather intelligence to use against our supreme leader; a mysterious woman who leads the cult of Oneness. The details of the dreams thus far and the missions we have gone on are not all clear. I even wonder if some of the missions were never actually in their own dreams, but were memories of previous events in the life of my dream avatar.

Above all other things, when we go on our missions the greatest imperative is secrecy. We go to painstaking effort to make no lingering alterations to the spaces we reconnoiter. Any documents searched are re-filed, any object moved is replaced exactly as it had been and we can never be seen by government operatives.

There have been close encounters, but we have thus far avoided detection and gathered information on operations and procedures we hope to use against “One” and her minions.

Part III: The Most Recent Installment

The very night before I wrote this piece, I again dreamt of my efforts with the resistance. We were hitting a big target this time: the personal abode of “One.” We bypassed security and gained entrance to the house. It was disheveled, as though those that dwelt there were in the process of relocating.

As we were searching the house for information we could use against the regime, taking, as always, great care not to leave any trace of our presence there, we received word that “One’s” advance guard were approaching and that She would soon be there. Knowing we could neither sneak our way past such a force nor risk a direct confrontation without further preparations, we began pulling out. It took time. We had to be absolutely certain every item, regardless of seeming insignificance, was replaced exactly and every trace of our intrusion, down to tracks in the dust, was swept away.

We had finally made it out of the building and were heading for the woods, as we had done in previous raids on bases in similar settings. While crossing the back yard, my wife called from behind me and said she had to go back in. She had left some object that she had brought behind, and it would be a dead giveaway that we had been there. The advance guard was nearly on the property and we had no time to spare as she went back into the house. I stood there torn between the imperative of secrecy and the desire to go back and help my beloved. The dream ended in that moment of indecision.


I firmly believe that this dream-story is not yet concluded. The trouble with dreams is that it could be days, months or even years before the rest of the story comes to me, and there is no way of knowing what parts may be left out. I could try to speculate as to how the events will progress, though in my experience there is no better way to shut oneself off from a dream-story than to imagine the next chapter while awake.


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