A Momentary Disturbance

Have you ever had a dream you simply had to describe to someone? One you had to talk about to get it straight in your own mind? I had such a dream last night.

In the earliest part of the dream I can recall, I am standing in a forest, vaguely reminiscent of the woods near my parents’ house, and the whole thing is underwater. I and my one companion are clad in diving equipment and have gone in search of two missing divers who I feel like I should know. After a brief montage, we find their diving suits prone on the forest floor. The figures are crumpled and misshapen; not entirely human. In the midst of a pervasive aura of dread, two figures appear too suddenly. They claim to be our missing friends, but are wearing suits that seem more appropriate for working inside a nuclear reactor than strolling through an underwater forest. The dread has become almost tangible.

–Cut scene.–

I am now standing in the parking area behind a white-washed cinder block building on the edge of a small stand of trees. Myself and an unknown number, (perhaps three or four), of my friends are cavorting about in good-natured frivolity, trying to cast interesting silhouettes on the wall of said building using the headlights from our vehicles. During this time, a lone van begins doing circuits around the parking lot. On the one of those rounds, the side of the van appears to glow. It is lit neither from within nor without, but glows of its own accord and two figures appear to be facing us out of the side of the van, though it possesses no side windows. The same feeling of ominous expectancy as before settles rapidly as the trees around the parking lot and all of the vehicles vanish from view and all that remains is the eerily still lit white wall of the building. The joints between the cinder blocks begin almost immediately to ooze and seep blood. The blood runs down the wall and I am certain that someone is screaming, though I can hear no sounds.

It was then that I awoke. 

I have had little time to ponder these images today, and I wishes to write them down before I forgot some detail or another. Perhaps I shall return to this matter for contemplation on another day.


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