Gathering Moss

I’ve been away for a while.

It can be hard to feel as though one has anything worthwhile to say when one does more-or-less the same few things day after day. Today, however, is a day worthy of note and reflection. A friend of mine will be leaving us, soon. Don’t panic: he’s not dying, just moving to a new home and a new job. In light of that, I’ve been thinking more about my own situation. 

I’ve tried a few times in the last few years to find a better-paid, differently-stressful job. (I honestly don’t believe that truly stress-free work environments exist.) As yet, I have had little success, though that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. But I do wonder if I’m limiting myself too much. The jobs I have searched for have been under the same umbrella of employers where I currently find myself, I the hopes that I can stay in a system that stands to benefit me at a time years from now. I have only occasionally sent applications because, truth-be-told, jobs in this system that interest me are somewhat few and far between. There are other careers out there that hold a higher appeal, but that would mean leaving the system and abandoning any progress I’ve made towards retirement benefits. I am not yet ready to lose the safety net, I think, especially given that I intend to soon enter the world of home-ownership and face the demon Mortgage that dwells therein. 

I have to congratulate my friend, though I shall do it anonymously, for pursuing his career and his dreams. It takes courage and Will to step away from home, friends, and familiarity and try something new. I wish you the very best, good sir, as you go to your new home and a fresh start.

I have heard it said that a rolling stone gathers no moss, and lately I can’t help but feel burried under quite a layer of the stuff. It won’t last, though. I can feel a change in scenery coming, like footsteps through the ground. It’s distant, elusive, but coming closer. 


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